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"Meet our DJs" - Chris Hover

This week "Meet our DJs" drops on our Saturday night resident, Chris Hover.

Chris is a very talented Producer/DJ, with multiple tracks released on many labels! A juggernaut of Progressive House and Melodic Techno!

Q: Hi Chris, tell us a little bit about your self. How did you get into Production, and DJing?

I'd always had decks, in fact my first gig was at a local leisure centre, i had only just learnt to drive, and loved chucking the decks in the boot and tried to play anywhere anyone would have me. I started clubbing fairly late compared with all my friends, probably aged 21/22, having spent my earlier years in the Royal Marines i was on a different path, but soon found music, it was early 2000's and trance was pulling me in. The Honey Club and the Zap were pretty much home before long, all the usual suspects were out every weekend, everyone knew everyone and it was just a good vibe, and of course everyone wanted to be a DJ, so i took up the mantel. Its fair to say i was in a very large group of friends, comprising of DJ-s and Producers, Bar owners and club owners, and it was easy to get gigs. I was a DJ at Playtime which the Zap hosted and scored a residency at club 3TO, but played all over Brighton doing the trance scene, this was of course pre cdj's so inthe golden age of vinyl. Of course everywhere you Dj-d you be asked if you produced and my answer was always no, well id had a go, but i was terrible, didnt have the tools or the knowledge until one day at an afterparty back at mine a friend introduced me to Cubase VST, this person was my mate Keiren, aka K-MRK (Anjuna) aka My Digital Enemy aka Sunset strippers. We sat down on my crappy PC that morning and hashed out this tune, id love to say it was a cracking release, but it never got finished, but right there and then was where the love affair with production began! Fast forward a few years and i got the opportunity to make a remix of My Digitals Enemys track, Amazon, little did i know what a golden opportunity that was and who else was on the release, but turned out some big names, Prock and Fitch, Filthy Rich, 8 Ball, LYS and more. As i continuted through the years the music scene changed family life changed and producing took a back seat but something a few years ago drew me back in, almost like the trance was trying to come back, but in the form of Melodic Techno, so i took up the mantel once again and had a fresh start in production and so glad i did. Now in 2023, Ive got many releases under my belt on labels such as Dynamica, Iconyc, Almar, Used and Abused, Redwave Recordings, Sub Label Recordings, Always Music, Saline Recordings, A3 Music, Maotun Records, Ta2 Music and of course Messed Up Music. Messed Up Music is my own record label, with many releases and around 10 artists signed to the label currently, MU Music as its now known, is releasing progressive house and Melodic Techno, and will be my personal project going forward, also hosting the MU Music Podcast which is aired on 4Beat Radio every fortnight which is really getting my juices flowing and feeding the hunger to Dj-out in clubs again.

Q: Tell us your earliest memories of clubbing. When did you first hear Electronic music being played?

My earliest memory of proper clubbing music, was at an illegal rave in an industrial estate in Bevendean, an abandoned warehouse, they were playing proper psychedelic trance music, proper make your ears bleed stuff. I was designated driver that night, so watching the goings on were rediculous, everyone had had a little too much of something and and even an actor from londons burning was there, and i think he was the worst one. Unfortuantely a girl slipped over on glass and had cut herself badly, so an ambulance was called and the place was shut down quick. The girl was ok so i was told, but that was an eye opener and the first of many.

Q: What is your Dream club to play at?

Space Ibiza! Still a dream of course.

Q: Describe your style of music you play or produce?

I play Progressive house/ Melodic Techno

Q: Which artists/DJs inspire you?

Harry Diamond, K-MRK, Jerome Isme Ae, Tinlicker, Max Freegrant, and actually all of my friends who also produce and you know who you are!

Q: Tell us about your music. What have been your most successful releases? Have you had records signed and who to?

Most successful release is a tricky one, probably the Amazon remix for My Digital Enemy. Currently signed to Dynamica, Iconyc, Almar, Used and Abused, Stella Fountain Records, Redwave Recordings, Sub Label Recordings, Always Music, Saline Recordings, A3 Music, Maotun Records, Ta2 Music, Messed Up Music.

Q: Tell us about your 4 Beat Radio Show, what is your show called, when can we listen to you? How did you get involved?

My Show is called the MU Music Podcast and its hosted in 4Beat radio every 2 weeks. Its a showcase of everything im currently working on, plus the promos i get sent that week bringing only the freshest material to the radio waves. As with most things, it was a friend who introduced me to 4beat, and he just happened to be the co-owner of it, so big thanks to Jon Towell for pulling me in!

Q: Tell us 3 things we don't know about you?

Yeah ive got 2 things, frogs and apples.... we'l say no more about it! Haha

Chris, thank you for your time! We look forward to listening to your next show!


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