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Calling All DJS & Producers 

Hello 4Beaters 🙌


Firstly a huge thank you for getting in touch 4 Beat Radio, our vision is simple, provide amazing music content & provide a platform for both established and coming talent.  If you are Interested in being part of the community read on .......


DJ shows or mixes must be sent in MP3 format only and a minimum 60 or 120 minutes. Generic soundcloud links will not be accepted.  If your tracks are registered with PRS and you will be able to receive royalties for plays.  (subject to conditions). 

DJ Shows - Scheduled and should contain our Sweepers/Jingles and a voice introduction. 


DJ Mixes - Not Scheduled no vocal introduction and may not include sweepers/jingles. 

Please use the download button and add 2-4 jingles per hour to your mix.  Title the mix with name and genre and include a short bio, a pic and any information to direct listeners to your website etc.  Blank mixes, incorrect show lengths or WAV formats will be rejected. 

If you do send us a DJ mix, please note, we will place your mix in one of our playlists and cannot guarantee when it will air. If you send a DJ show, we will aim to schedule the show and promote on our social media platforms. 


Genres and styles of shows we are looking for:


  • House 

  • Tech

  • Techno

  • Progressive 

  • Melodic house and techno

  • Disco

  • Chillout

  • Trance 


Send mixes via dropbox or wetransfer to and


Music is Medicine 

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