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"Meet our Djs" - Mark Cava

Q: Hi Mark, thanks for joining us!

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get into Djing, and how did you get into production?

DJing came first for me. I was working for a bar chain in the early nineties so was always in and around DJs. I remember seeing Derek Kaye play and looked at him thinking ‘I want to do that’. At that time I was a Hed Kandi follower listening to Andy Norman and David Dunne on what was Jazz FM and it all kind of rolled into one. In 1995 I did a UK tour for Budweiser and was instantly hooked. After plying my trade for a decade or two my musical tastes changed and after going on on a Radio Production course I learnt all about editing and generally making stuff. That lead me onto starting to make music, something that’s been on and off up to now.

Q: Tell us about your earliest memories of clubbing. When did you first hear electronic Music?

In my youth I’d mainly go to the 051 in Liverpool which was bouncing week in week out. I also had the chance to frequent the odd hitman & her event, (I know), and with guest DJs including Carl Cox it was always a platform for pushing new music which again, along with me religiously listening to Hed Kandi widened my horizons musically.

Q: Your dream club to play at?

I’ll be honest, I’m not a ‘Warehouse’ BIG STAGE loving DJ, give me dark, underground and intimate anytime, so I’d have to say somewhere like The End or a nice back room at Es Paradis in Ibiza.

Q: Describe your style of music that you play or produce?

Although I’m predominantly Tech based I like to play and make a wide variety in my sets and in the studio, so Disco, House, Minimal and Tech are my go to sounds.

Q: Which artists/Djs inspire you?

This is such a hard question but the main people who have inspired me over the years are David Dunne (Hed Kandi) and Hector Couto on the DJing front and Producer wise Riva Starr is unbelievable, also David Penn.

Q: Tell us about your tracks, have you been signed to any labels?

Most music I’ve made have been edits for my own sets. Over the years I’ve had tracks signed to Toolbox, Whore House, Jango, Mjuzzieek, Pink Fish Records, Kidology, ApartmentSixyThree, Dirty Music, Check In Recordings and Vamos. My best track to date is probably the bootleg I did of Mark Knights ‘Yebisah’.

Q: Tell us about your show, when can we listen in? How did you get involved with 4 Beat Radio?

My show on 4Beat Radio is called DisgoTek which airs every Friday at 8pm. I’ve know the ‘bosses’ for quiet sometime and I could see their vision and what they want to build and create so approached them about a weekly show and I’m so happy to be a small part of a superb musical family

Q: Tell us a couple of things we don't know about you?

I can balance most items on my finger or nose! I also love surfing.

Mark, thank you for your time today. Jon, Dave and Kenny really appreciate everything you do for the station!

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