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"Meet our DJs" - Kooku

This week we meet one of our Saturday night Juggernauts, Kooku (AKA Louis Hayward)

Q: Hi Louis, tell us a little bit about your self. How did you get into Production, and DJing?

I started producing when Covid sent us into Lockdown the first time - I've long been a fan of dance music and played about a bit in FL Studio back in the day, but didn't take it seriously until I got a free trial of Ableton in Mar 2021. After having some success with my early tracks, I was advised I'd also need to be able to DJ a bit so I picked up some gear only around a year ago and tried my hand(s) at that too!

Q: Tell us your earliest memories of clubbing. When did you first hear Electronic music being played?

I still remember listening to things like Jack Your Body and Breakdance tapes my cousin had and I knew it was a bit different and special. My mad crush on dance music came when I was around 13 and Rave came onto the scene. I started sneaking out to go to raves a year or so later and was hooked ever since. It progressed onto clubbing when I went to Uni in Manchester with places like Sankey's and bus trips to Cream in Liverpool.

Q: What is your Dream club to play at?

For me I think I have more interest in playing something like Burning Man, but I'd be happy to play anywhere in Ibiza, or Tulum!

Q: Describe your style of music you play or produce?

I tend to blend organic percussion with progressive house and techno. I try to write strong melodic themes and motifs that are emotional and soulful as well as danceable.

Q: Which artists/DJs inspire you?

Lane8, Marsh, Yotto, Joris Voorn.

Q: Tell us about your music. What have been your most successful releases? Have you had records signed and who to?

My number one release on Beatport has been Havasu - an organic house track with that melodic content I mentioned previously. That was on Krafted Digital, and I've signed releases with them, Krafted Underground, and Sounds of Krafted in that label group. The main label for me has still been Always Music out of Portugal, and I have my debut album coming out with them around June time. Other labels I've had remixes/originals on include include Sounds and Frequencies, Hexagonal, Domicile, and Redwave.

Q: Tell us about your 4 Beat Radio Show, what is your show called, when can we listen to you? How did you get involved?

My show is called Kooku Kutz - it's on every 2nd Saturday around 8pm (times may vary!) I met one of the show's founders, Jon Towell, when he joined a WhatsApp group I'm in and was kind enough to encourage me to make a commitment even early in my DJing career!

Q: Tell us 3 things we don't know about you?

As well as making music, I like to write fiction. I've ghostwritten books and hope to finish my novel someday! I'm mad about dogs - sadly, I lost my old friend, 'Monkey', recently, but if you ever want to cheer me up - it's all about dogs! I'm a videogame producer by trade - I've worked for Disney even as their Senior Production Manager!

Q: Is there anything we can do to improve the station?

Would love to see a chatroom implemented for bants during shows. Sticking to the same time slot each week for DJs would also be good for promotional reasons.

Louis - thanks for your time, and we love you being part of the team!

Kenny, Dave and Jon


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