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"Meet our DJs" - Johnny Davison

This week we meet one of our Sunday night resident DJs Johnny Davison

Q: Hi Johnny, tell us a little bit about your self. How did you get into Production, and DJing?

I first used a pair of decks at a house party I'd attended around the age of 16. This triggered a love affair that will stay with me forever. For my 18th I bought a pair of Technics mk5s and a crappy 2 channel NuMark mixer and away I went. I'd buy Trance vinyl’s (and later house, electro and techno) from local HMVs and independent shops and later on from the likes of online stores such as Juno Records, Hard to Find Records and Chemical Records. Utilising online tutorials and a passion for all things 4/4, I self taught myself production in at the start of 2015. At the time I was balls deep into minimal house and by the summer time I had my first 4 track EP signed to Citrica Records. In the following years, dozens of releases and remixes followed, including a vinyl release.

Q: Tell us your earliest memories of clubbing. When did you first hear Electronic music being played?

My earliest memories of hearing music I related to where from cassettes such as 'The Best Ibiza Anthems...ever!' (which sounds cringe, but check the 1999 release, wall to wall bangers). Fast forward to 2002 and for the first of many times, I attended Godskitchen in the summer. This was a significant life experience for myself, I knew there was something more than the local 'clubs' of my hometown which played terrible commercial music. Following that magical night, I made the 100 mile each way trip to Godskitchen many more times. the sound system, lasers, attitude of fellow clubbers and the fashion choices all made each and every night a night to remember. Armin van Buuren at the time was my favourite DJ by a mile, the way his sets were structured and his mixing style influenced me heavily.

Q: What is your Dream club to play at?

It would have been Godskitchen at CODE, but now would be Amnesia in Ibiza. I'm lucky enough to have played at fantastic clubs such as Sankey’s in Manchester before it closed its doors, but Amnesia would be a dream come true.

Q: Describe your style of music you play or produce?

My musical collection is diverse. I can play dub techno at 115 bpm, through to tribal techno at 145bpm. These days I've reignited my love affair with Trance music, particularly from the early to mid 2000s era. There was something about the music from this time that I hold dear and I’ve relished seeking out tracks I'd long forgotten or hadn’t heard the first time round. My portfolio of productions are based around the minimal house genre, but recently I’ve begun to create unreleased, unofficial edits of my favourite trance tracks, such as Push - Strange World. Maybe one day they'll see the light of day.

Q: Which artists/DJs inspire you?

From my clubbing days of the early 2000s, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Marco V, Eddie Halliwell, Scott Bond, Matt Hardwick...the list goes on. In more recent years, Richie Hawtin, Luciano and Eric Prydz are some of the DJs I rate highly.

Q: Tell us about your music. What have been your most successful releases? Have you had records signed and who to?

I have releases signed to; Tracks signed to: 4Plae Records/Brosh/Complatt/Conceptual Records/Citrica Records/Double Dutch/Draft Records/Fragments/Frucht/In Dusche/Intimist Records/Label87 Records/Miaw/Moira Audio Recordings/Mood 24 Records/North Dub Records/ Pleasure in Mind Records/Raw Level Records/Samani/Superordinate Dub Waves/Vibe Experience/Welter Records/Zeitlos Records.

Q: Tell us about your 4 Beat Radio Show, what is your show called, when can we listen to you? How did you get involved?

My show is called TranceMission and airs for 2 hours every Sunday from 6pm - 8pm. Each show is a little different, some will start with slower progressive beats and go through the gears, others will be peak time bangers. Typically, the music featured will be from the early to mid 2000s which I consider to be the golden years of Trance music, but expect some modern remakes thrown into the mix.

Q: Tell us 3 things we don't know about you?

1. I am (was...) a keen runner, and once raised over £2,500 for Cancer Research by running the Ribble Valley 10k and finished in under 48 mins, something I'm very proud of. I also completed a half marathon in 1 hour 50 mins. 2. I once had a wee next to Mauro Picotto at a pre party to MegaNite in Ibiza! #facts 3. My favourite crisps are Flaming Hot Monster Munch.

Q: Is there anything we can do to improve the station?

Keep smashing it lads. Truly honoured to be a part of 4Beat, having to prepare a show each week is something I'm really enjoying as it gives me a platform to express myself and my musical tastes on

Johnny , thank you for your time! We look forward to listening to your next show! Love from Dave, Jon, and Kenny


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