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"Meet our DJs" - Denzil

This week we meet one of our seasoned professionals and Friday night resident Denzil aka Andrew Bennett.

We have had a busy week with the station so took some time out to have a chat with one of our most experienced resident DJs.

Q: Hi Denzil, tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you get into DJing?

It has been a quite a journey. I can recall discussing rave culture with Quadrant Park regulars and being quite cynical about it all. Being a generally open minded individual I listened to mix tapes people were bringing back from free festivals and made visits to clubs like the basement in Birkenhead and Voodoo when it was originally at the Mardi Gras on Bold St in Liverpool I became particularly enamored with the likes of DiY and the free party systems. I started to see how DJs were creating journeys by mixing two records together to create these seamless blends of music and wanted in on the action, it is as basic as that.

Q: Tell us about your earliest memories of clubbing, when did you first hear Electronic Music?

It really hit when I attended DiY presents Bounce at the Mardi Gras but also at the big free festival in my hometown of Moreton on the Wirral... travellers and ravers alike on Moreton common, even Sasha was on the bill. The whole thing finally made sense, music unites.

Q: What is your dream club to play at?

I've played all over but if DiY ever wanted a deep house groover to play on one of their nights I'd do it like no tomorrow

Q: Describe your style of Music you Produce/Play?

Deep and groovy I hope haha

Q: Tell us about your 4 Beat Radio show, what is your show call and when is aired? How did you get involved with 4 Beat Radio?

Deep As Ya Like...I knew Dave Butcher through my nephew Luke who is one half of Kusp. That's how I got involved in playing at the Av.Verde parties over in Birkenhead

Q: Tell us 3 things we don't know about you?

I'm riddled with self doubt. I wander about with a camera taking photos of things that catch I work with vulnerable and very challenging young people

Q: Is there anything feedback you have for us on the station? Anything we could improve?

I'm just honoured to be involved. I love the way it is growing and have every faith in the lads who set it up.

Denzil, from Jon, Dave, and Kenny. We thank you for all of your hardworking and dedication for the station. Much love

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