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Launching the Station

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

4 Beat Radio the story so far


It's been a rewarding slog getting the station set up for launch. So much behind the scenes activity to get to this point and we are only at pre launch stage.

The Alexa skill, app store & play store developer aspects have been an education of their own. We started with a rough idea about how we wanted this to look in the next 6 months (at time of writing we are at month 2 November 22).

We decided if we should be using voice activated devices as a main route to market with the emerging tech catching up. We have been granted a Licence by the PPL which means we can play DJ mixes and individual tracks online. We can't have a listen again feature just yet as this would require a larger fee and it early days yet, we will be offering a version of listen again with our podcast links of the best shows.

So its a waiting game now, alexa skill submitted, Play & App Stores Apps are submitted, Licences awarded, Website being worked on daily, when applying you have to ensure you have a privacy policy and ump through a few hoops granting permission via Google Console but all a big learning curve.

Radio Jingles are made by RPC Audio big thanks to the team for helping us with imaging. We will also be offering a LTD early bird advertising offer offer for the first few months, to help us reinvest some of the capital expenditure and build a facility.

4 Beat will be broadcasting specialist shows covering Techno, Trance, Disco and House music in all its lovely forms.

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1 Comment

Kenny Gibbon
Kenny Gibbon
Nov 16, 2022

Let’s go team, music is medicine, let’s create our supportive platform for the industry and community to use to showcase their musical skills Kenny Gibbo 🤜❤️🤛

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