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Joining the 4 Beat Community

We are looking for a blend of established and up and coming djs & producers. Weather you just want a one off mix aired to promote yourself, or you have a pre recorded show thats you put out on other online platforms, you are in the right place.

As we start to fill the schedule, we will give prime time slots to live and pre recorded shows. As part of our community initiatives we will be keeping slots available to ensure everyone gets a shot at being on air at some point.

Our blog will be dedicated to bringing you news from the areas nights, featuring artists and supporting their releases and nights. Organically we will grow this platform with your help

Simply upload a 60 minute mix (minimum ) to DropBox or WeTransfer. Include as much info as possible, including DJ Name, Tracks Signed, Social Links, Photos or logos and a quick bio.

send everything over to:

Please follow us on Instagram & TikTok

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